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A Grateful Heart by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

Appreciation... What a word... To show someone exactly how much they mean to you and how much they are loved.

The words "Thank you" in some cases are just not enough. They don't come close to enough or even justify an act.

"I appreciate you!" Has some serious power. A truly strong and powerful statement that you are what makes my life possible.

"I appreciate all that you do and all that you are! Because my life just wouldn't be the same without you in it!"

As opposed to "Thank you!". When we truly put emotion or feeling behind our words it truly makes all the difference. You really have to make those small adjustments in your life. To make everything you feel count.

You need to make an effort to appreciate everything she does for you no matter how small they are. She sent a picture of herself smiling. She didn't send it just for no reason she sent it hoping it would brighten up your day or even make you smile.

Appreciate her and her efforts. She sat up late at night texting or talking to you but you know she goes to bed early... "Appreciate her!" Say, thank you for being here!" Or "I love talking to you!"

She messaged you to say she arrived home... "Say thank you..." She told you where she was going or where she was... "Say thank you..." She shared something close to her heart... "Say thank you..."

Do ever take ANYTHING she does for granted. That photo she took... She did her hair... She put make-up on... She took 25 shots to get the right one... All this just to make you smile and think about her.

Say "Thank you!".....

Women who are appreciated will do even more if they know how much it means to you. Believe me, when I tell you doing things for the men we love becomes too much and exhausting when they never say thank you or appreciate you.

Don't ever be ungrateful or take anything for granted... See and appreciate everything she does...

Take notice and make a plan to start every day if you aren't already.

The Lion and The Rainbow
A Grateful Heart by Trisha Rapley

A Grateful Heart...

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