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A Man's Hope by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

I can almost be certain that you see another person in the eyes of a person who's struggling to hold onto whatever they call "life".

As you watch the tears fall rapidly from their eyes of despair and utter disappointment, trying to understand or grasp why their life is turning out the way it is, it's unbearable, to say the least.

It's almost an emptiness of shattered dreams against a world they no longer know that has brought them to this point.

"Supporting someone who has lost all reasoning and understanding is beyond anything I can describe. The weight of them and all they carry leaves the biggest mark on your heart.

You enter a place they have been for so long trying to pull them out and bring them back to life at all costs, is what you'll do. You help with every breath they take and every step they make.

At least until they can breathe and walk on their own. Because sometimes that is what it takes, what they need, and what God asks of them.

Everyone deserves a chance to be free from the prison their mind becomes at times, a chance to feel the love they so very easily give, and a moment in their life when the weight of the burdens they carry is lifted for a little time.

So you become their life support through everything and while it is important to remember you can't save them all, it's the glimmer of hope you see in their eyes that keeps you holding on to them."

Hold your hand out for the brave who choose to fight the battles within themselves and within their hearts for a better life and a life they so very much deserve.

Purple sunrise over the mountains
A Man's Hope by Trisha Rapley

A Man's Hope...


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