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A Man's World by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

Men deserve a good life too, their job isn’t just to make money, pay bills, and leave this world.

They deserve just as much love, affection, and respect as women do.

I think people forget that.

There is much more to being a man than any woman will know or understand. For some reason, they carry the burden of responsibility from generations ago.

"The provider," I think they have been called. Times have changed and what a man brings to the table a woman also needs to bring to the table too.

Gone are the days when men do all the work while women raise their families.

Men are very deserving of a life where they are supported and appreciated, and have a woman who stands by their side assisting the growth of their life rather than just appreciating or receiving it.

There is no his or hers, it is theirs and ours. You are to help him where you can because what builds him up builds you up too.

A man should never be defined by the intent of many generations before him nor should the responsibilities of generations before him set the mark of what you should ask of him....

He needs an equal amount of loving, support, and care that you ask for... You are a team and being together in any form of a relationship shows that you accept this as soon as you say "yes" to a future together.

Support your man, love your man and never leave him standing alone through life.

Love goes both ways.

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A Man's World by Trisha Rapley

A Man's World...

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