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A Mother's Devotion by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

From the moment I felt the butterflies in my tummy when you first moved until today when I watched you smile I've never felt so much love.

I watched you go from strength to strength, overcoming all the obstacles placed in front of you and the milestones of growing up.

Each makes me prouder than the last! I've drawn strength from every tear you've cried and every smile you made knowing that everything I've overcome was for you too.

It hasn't always been easy and I haven't always done things right but I've tried the best I could to give you all the world.

Today, tomorrow, and every day after that will be exactly the same and nothing will ever change that. I would travel across the world for you and give my life to you.

What I am grateful for the most is that you chose me no matter how bad things got or how many times I didn't have all the answers.

You embraced my inability to see my own worth and all the mistakes I made. You comforted me when I had little to no strength and always found a way to make me smile even when I couldn't.

I've heard people say my children saved my life well you didn't save my life. You gave me life! Each time I was blessed with your births you restored my faith, my light, and my life.

You gave me purpose, a reason to continue breathing, and a never-ending supply of hugs. Greeted always with a smile, even on your worst days.

I've come close to losing you all some on your first breaths and others through the journey of life but we're here now together as one, working our way through things and finding a way to be there for each other.

We are the team I had hoped and prayed for, a perfect collaboration of a crazy, sometimes mad, happy family.

We may not be the ideal number of mum's and dad's but I am here and that's what matters! I'll always be here no matter how old you or I get.

You will always be my baby even if you're seven-foot-high.

To my first-born daughter. You only settled when you were cuddled up to someone's beating heart (you slept on my chest a lot, always wanting to be close, and close is what we are).

To my first-born son. You came out fighting for your first breath and you stopped breathing (You were born a fighter, a warrior and I have never stopped believing in your strength).

To my second-born son. You were a little miracle I was told I wouldn't be able to have any more children with my body the way it was. And here you are (I thank God every day for you and gain strength from your smile and hugs).

To my second-born daughter. You came into this world in a hurry and melted my heart with every breath you took. I watched you for hours sleeping during the day wondering how something so little could steal the biggest part of my heart. (Your smile brings courage to my life that no sword would ever draw).

I always wanted to be a mum even as a small girl. I was never prepared for what each of you brought into my life and brought out in me.

God's love was placed inside your hearts to mend me when I couldn't see things through and in you, he restores my faith because of the miracles you bring into life every day you are alive.

A Mother's Devotion by Trisha Rapley

A Mother's Devotion...


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