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An Extrovert by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

"Social Butterfly" I've been called; a real people person with the capabilities of attaining the attention of an entire room. My personality can be so overpowering with energy and it shows by the way people change their behavior when they are around me.

"Sunshine in human form!" I like to say I am. It just stuck once I was called it. "Sunshine". I have never been so grateful for someone giving me a nickname before.

When asked in job interviews "What can you bring to our company or this position or why should we employ you?"

I tell them because I am "Sunshine in human for and I have a thirst for making people happy evermore when they have nothing but the thoughts in their minds."

The energy I give out will turn heads, raise eyebrows and leave mouths open at times.

Loud? Yup. Too loud at times. Over the top? Yup Funny? Yup (At the cost of myself) Haha Yup. Crazy? Yup (If dressing up in character dress up counts!) Haha! Bubbly? Yup (Increbily cute too) Cheeky? Yup (I can make situations uncomfortable by sticking my tongue out at the most inappropriate times) Hahaha!

I will go to the ends of the earth to bring smiles to people's faces. Sometimes my behaviour is the result of this. Dancing in public. Talking to complete strangers. Do animal imitations walk down the street?

I will give out compliments to complete strangers for no reason at all. I will go to parties alone, and dinners and just start making friends with everyone.

I've never been afraid to make my presence known - my laugh. OMG, my laugh. It will have others laughing and not knowing where to look.

At times I feel like a hurricane is entering the room. By the way, that is a compliment to myself. I come rushing in, knock everyone off their feet and leave a memory that can only be relived after it is gone.

I love people and I have more knowledge from all the people I have met than what I would have acquired living my life alone. I am grateful for each and everyone to offer pieces to my jigsaw life.

I am not for the faint heart though. I speak openly about the things I am driven by and the things I love without feeling remorseful for my feelings toward them.

I guess in the "Real World" they call this an "Extrovert" In my world this is "ME". Beautiful me just spreading sunshine wherever I go...

Because that's life. Sharing the possibility of hope to as many lives as we can doing God's work.

The Lion and The Rainbow
An Extrovert by Trisha Rapley

An Extrovert...

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