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Arbitrating Fear by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

I am not fearful of death, I am fearful of being at the end with no memories to look back on trying to remember everyone's face and leaving a world of people I love with only my memory to hold.

So in saying this I plan to live a full life making memories with the people I love so that when the day comes that I have to depart the only luggage I will have is that of happy ones.

The greatest gift you can leave behind is gifts of happiness and good times. Your loved ones should not only be crying but smiling as well as the final curtains drawn.

I face death every day in my life and career, and most of the time it is a beautiful, calm, and loving process shared by people who are in love.

The memories are relieved to get through the pain as they are taken away and what I find has been the most important part was not the years that were lived but how they were lived.

Go into the world each day with an open heart to every possibility you can imagine because it is all possible, all of it.

You may have to work really hard but it will be worth it in the end. So make sure on your "to-do lists" your first thing is "making memories".

This is what we give to people when we live and I hope we all leave a mark on the world we leave behind.

The Lion and The Rainbow
Arbitrating Fear by Trisha Rapley

Arbitrating Fear...

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