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Bittersweet Lies by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

Some things are so hard to deal with and understand. For me the hardest one is betrayal. Each time it has happened I go in search deep within my soul trying to understand someone's reasoning for it.

And that's how I remember the first time it happened and the difference between the person I was to the person I am now things have changed so much. I used to blame myself for the choices and actions of the person who betrayed me.

Now I understand it has nothing to do with me at all only who THEY are as a person and I realise that it doesn't matter how good you are to a person, how much you love them, or what your promises look like to them if they don't love you, care about you, or believe in honesty they can/will betray you.

And as heartbreaking as it is you just have to accept it and who they are or have become to you. Betrayal shouldn't be taken lightly. They took something as precious as your love, trust, and friendship/relationship and turned it into nothing.

What you meant or mean to them is nothing because they didn't care about how it would/could make you feel or how much it would/could hurt you to know about the betrayal of truth. As much as we forgive people that is what we should always do.

"Forgive them" but don't allow them to do it again. God gives us the ability to be strong in the moments other people hurt us by allowing our hearts to forgive their actions.

By giving us the ability to forgive doesn't mean God approves of people betraying us but he teaches us through forgiveness we are able to move on from that person - regardless of how long they have been in our lives and be confident that in hurting us they didn't deserve us.

And that's the thing, people can and will hurt you. Sometimes it is intentional it's by accident and you need to be smart enough to know the difference. Betrayal happens whether we ask for it or not. it is something some of us never fully understand but in order to move forward in life, we must forgive the act.

Your life will be better when you accept that you are not responsible for the way another person acts towards you but you are responsible for how you manage the situation after it happens. You don't and never will deserve the way your heart feels after finding out a betrayal and I'm sorry if someone was ever called a friend that could hurt you like that.

You deserve the kind of people in your life who never hurt you or take what you offer for granted. You're a special kind of person who can and never will be replaced. I just hope more people see that.

Sun in a field
Bittersweet Lies by Trisha Rapley

Bittersweet Lies...

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