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Bone Deep Beauty by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

You can wear the best of clothes, and the most expensive accessories, change your body and alter the way it’s seen from the outside but true beauty, your beauty comes from the passion and love within your heart and soul.

Beauty is transparency, kindness through the gestures of actions, grace through all adversaries, a humbled mindset through achievements, and your ability to show empathy and understanding without judgment or anger.

True beauty is felt by your presence while it’s with others but also by what you leave behind when your memory is all people have to hold onto once you’ve left their lives.

It’s the impact of a feeling or emotion that is felt and kept not how you are seen by others through the sight of their eyes.

Remembering this is and always will be the most humbling experience throughout your life.

True beauty is unmeasured and an uncaged force that penetrates even the darkest of places and times.

Red rose
Bone Deep Beauty by Trisha Rapley

Bone Deep Beauty...

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