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Clean Heart by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

I pray that in all times you get through the night or a bad situation you congratulate yourself, praise yourself, celebrate yourself, encourage yourself, motivate yourself, and never ever doubt that even in those desperate times your life is of the purpose of changing other's lives not just surviving.

Your survival, from what you choose as your weapon at the time, is and always will be the inspiration others need to survive too.

Share your story even if it hurts, even if you're scared, and even if it only helps one person.

Remove the shame you've been led to believe is the truth you did your best, you tried and continue to try, and you never gave up or refused to.

Your story is an act of bravery, not shame.

And so is mine we've come so far because we recovered from everything the evil of this world tried to destroy us with.

You'll never understand how much courage, not strength, courage it takes to stand and face a world that doesn't understand you.

While trying to explain to your own heart that you're not weird, different, strange, or crazy because you see and feel things like no one else.

I can't begin to explain the pain that comes from trying to hide how truly beautiful my heart is and how much it would sacrifice for the love people have received from me to be returned.

Every day I rebuild myself armed and ready to face the world full of courage for the next day ahead, never knowing what it will bring.

As the sun rises, I pray for God's strength to overcome me so that I can forgive each and every person who doesn't accept me for who I am.

Because that is the way of the Lord and I am his I'm in every way possible, and I will hold no grudge or anger inside my heart.

I understand I am just a beautiful miracle most people haven't encountered before and that scares the hell out of them because I am different and so honest in the way I hold myself.

I face life bravely with an understanding that everyone deserves love, respect, and most of all forgiveness not to mention a kindness I have rarely been given while living my life.

And whether people think I am too much or not enough this brave heart of mine will continue despite the pieces it gets left in every time someone leaves.

Because love is and always has been the answer and the cure.

Beautiful sunset
Clean Heart by Trisha Rapley

Clean Heart...

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