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Communication Is The Key by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

Conversations should never feel forced or feel like a duty to you.

When you choose to love the woman who adds enormous measures to your life you must love every aspect and adhere to all the responsibilities that come with that love.

Communication is one of them. You should never feel that you can speak what you need to... She deserves to hear the honesty that comes from your heart and the truths about how much you love and adore her.

"I love when I am given time and space to be open about my feelings without feeling pressured. It is so important that I can have a moment to express my feelings about a situation and it may happen straight away but it will over time. Please be patient with my replies."

Sure there will be times when conversations with her will be difficult and even unable to happen but it is important to reassure her where it is coming from.

If you don't communicate with her, how on earth could she possibly understand or know? "Remember she can't read minds!"

Let's face it nerves can play a huge role in how we conduct conversations.

Instead of making it a serious conversation lighten the situation by making it fun or a joke-like conversation. It burns those nerves and takes the edge off her reply.

There is no rule book when it comes to communication but it is vital to building a lasting connection and trust between two hearts. If you can come to her with your hardest struggles and in your most vulnerable states she will see and appreciate their meaning.

It also gives her the courage to do the same to you. Almost like a chain reaction, you give, and then she gives. You show her the way and guide her and she will naturally just follow.

Talk things out even if they are hard.. the benefits will ALWAYS outweigh the burdens. Your heart needs to be open, and understanding but also willing to do the work to win hers.

The Lion and The Rainbow
Communication Is The Key by Trisha Rapley

Communication Is The Key...

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