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Confessions Of A Dying Man by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

"Can I confess to you?" The frail elderly man asked.

"There are things I need to say before I go home to my wife the man said."

Earlier during the morning, his wife had been calling to him as he lay in his bed waiting for the end.

Little did the dying man realise my life had been in this place of confession before and a person who represented God many times before.

That's the thing about living a life of a caring purpose sometimes you are the last hand they hold, the last person to say "I love you", the person who becomes their courage and the reason they can leave without any fear.

I have been on the front line between the portal of life and death for many years. Wiping away tears and helping people to remember they are going to a better place.

It comes with a responsibility to those going through it and God. I am the person who sees them on their way into God's arms before their final breath.

A responsibility that needs a heart full of courage and understanding that no one should ever be alone in the end.

It brings great sadness but also great joy a double-edged sword I guess you could say. But it is one I would never want my life without.

You truly have no idea when your time is up. It could be after your morning coffee, a short car ride, a stroll in the park, or simply just like this man.

98 years later in life with his family and friends by his bedside gripping onto whatever life he has left while reliving the memories they all have.

I find comfort in knowing the people who have already crossed over are there waiting for us. I see and hear that hope from every person I have helped let go.

They tell me they see them and they hear them calling. It makes my heart and soul so happy knowing they won't be alone once they are gone.

"Blessed I am to be the keeper of their hearts until they go home to God. Humbled by their presence in my life even if for the shortest time...."

God's miracles are made real through the heart and soul he created in me.

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Confessions Of A Dying Man by Trisha Rapley

Confessions Of A Dying Man...

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