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Contribute Always by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

People will always need help and there will always be someone who you want to love and care for.

The world is an endless suffering of lack of care and love not because there aren't enough people out there that don't love or care but the numbers of people in need are unmeasurable.

It isn't our job to help, love and save everyone but we do have a responsibility to do the best we can while we walk this earth.

To live a life that enables others to feel the unimaginable joy that comes from the love they receive by simply being alive; is the ultimate gift from God.

Don't ever carry the burden in your heart that you haven't loved enough or cared enough.

What you do no matter how big or little is a contribution to the masses of love and care being given every day.

One smile, one laugh, one memory made and one life saved is and always will be enough to make the people of this world feel less hopeless than they ever should.

Nobody should ever expect or ask you to save the world or everyone in it all they should ever ask is how did you contribute.

What did you do to contribute to this world today..?

Remember waking up breathing counts too not only do your actions contribute to the world but the person you choose to be does too.

Be kind, be loving and never leave a person feeling unloved even if that means hugging the stranger that just walked by.

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Contribute Always by Trisha Rapley

Contribute Always...

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