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Early Morning Delight by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

The early morning sunrise is when I feel his presence the most.

I'm most vulnerable when the day begins because it is full of promises I make to myself and God

And with his love and guidance, each one is met, one after another because I am not just a woman of my word but a vessel of his creations.

Blessings flow from my heart and into my mind, spreading throughout mankind as I walk through the day.

God allows me to walk lightly through the heavens of this earth and into people's hearts because he placed such beauty within me it is impossible for me to let him down because I am so grateful to be myself.

More than anything I am grateful to be his, to be yours, and to be his.

His miracles are made through the love he gave me and the love I give to you.

So, as you look to me know it is God you can see within my eyes, within my soul, and within the things I achieve.

It has always been him let me be the reason you can go to him and believe if he loves me, he will always love you too.

Wheat field
Early Morning Delight by Trisha Rapley

Early Morning Delight...

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