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Fierce Warrior by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

Not only am I comfortable with the woman I am today but I am also very, very comfortable in deciding what is best for me.

I can comfortably say "This is no longer for me and walk away." This year is for the change that occurred the years before this one. And every step forward is for me now cheating myself is a thing of the past and I couldn't be prouder, to be honest.

Some shit broke my heart but cleared my vision while other things taught me lessons I needed to grow. I've opened my heart when I've been scared and I've held onto my faith when nothing else made sense.

From now on when asked by anyone "What did you do to overcome everything?" My answer will be "I went to hell back more than once and every time I brought a little bit of heaven with me!"

Promise me and promise yourself that you'll give yourself and everything else that tries to love you a chance without worrying about if it will work out or not.

Remember the journey is the best part.

Ball and snowflakes
Fierce Warrior by Trisha Rapley

Fierce Warrior...

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