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Forgiveness Of Sins by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

We should find shelter in His words and the Love He shows us through all our sins.

Never questioning our reliability to Him while always remaining hopeful we’ll stay by His side even though sin has been committed or will be in future times.

That’s the thing about Jesus, He knows our hearts and how things will play out for us, so when we wander from Him, He knows with all certainty we will return and be better for it.

Jesus, Our King, accepts our imperfections while holding space for the healing required when sin is committed.

He has the power to forgive without judgment because He trusts the purity in our hearts when sin has taken place.

Our sins do not define the heart Jesus gave us; they, in fact, should empower us to either grow or learn from something the experience brought instead.

Jesus is like that sometimes; He knows without the lessons sin can only bring, we can’t be disciplined in His way for us.

Without that forbidden fruit, no choice to learn from our mistakes can take place, nor can the growth from losing things we love most.

With any mistake, you’ll find understanding and forgiveness, and it’s important to always remember Jesus will test your faith and loyalty to Him through challenges and decisions that pull you away from him.

Remain in heart with Him and within His Love and Light so when a representation of committing a sin stumbles onto our path, we are armed with the power of Jesus Christ as our weapon, not the mindset that taking his forgiveness for granted is acceptable because sin is a part of life.

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Forgiveness Of Sins by Trisha Rapley

Forgiveness Of Sins...

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