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God's Happily Ever After by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

"A great relationship begins with the relationship you have with yourself and God. Loving yourself and God is the beginning of your happily ever after..."

Never have I written such honest and truthful words in my life. Only after so much time has passed am I able to see what was intended for me. My purpose, my legacy, and my fate.

I was once told by a woman who had an incredible aura surrounding her that "God did well when he chose you! He has created something incredibly beautiful and special inside your heart and you will do his work marvellously!"

I had never met this woman before and it was actually the first time I attended the church before. At the time I was stricken with grief and sadness, I had little understanding and value for her words until now.

I see exactly what she meant... Her words; are so powerful and hopeful of a changing world that is created by the people with the kindest of hearts.

I will be forever grateful for the strangers who come into my life and act as a mirror reflecting back to me exactly who I am to be and become over time.

They have and always will be "My people".No matter how long they stay. They were sent as messengers from God and I am forever in the Lord's presence when they are with me.

Remember "You are who you surround yourself with." Be mindful of who you allow into your heart and how long you allow them to stay.

I say give as much love as you want but always listen to God when he says enough is enough. Know that he knows you best and will always be there to protect you when you can't protect yourself.

Surround yourself with the light your soul needs and fill it with prayers of love and kindness.

God's Happily Ever After by Trisha Rapley

God's Happily Ever After...

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