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God's Words by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

"Am I loved? Because at times I don't feel as though I am loved at all", asked the girl.

"Yes beautiful one, you are loved so much so it's impossible to see" said God.

"But I can't feel it" replied the girl - her eyes gripping onto hope.

"Look into their eyes when they speak to you," replied God.

"But what I am I looking for?" the girl questioned.

"The reflection of your beautiful face", answered God.

"Yes, but that didn't answer my question", the girl spoke confused.

"Explain how one couldn't love the face looking back in the reflection of their eyes?" Queried God.

The girl smiled "You're right!"

"Loving you will never be anyone's choice it will always be a must" Stated God.

Smiling God said, "Now off you go and change the world."

God's Words by Trisha Rapley

God's Words...

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