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Heart Of Gold by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

I always wear it on my sleeve; my heart.

Uncaged and unprotected for everyone to see. Sometimes I find it is too big to hold but I can promise you it will never be too small.

It can cause me to have crazy outbursts of helpfulness and at times I act before I think.

I get a little excited about things I love and dive straight in before I realise I've jumped.

Childlike; my heart can be, forever excited about the new things life brings and always wanting to find things out. But it is pure always wanting to love everything it can, for as long as it can.

It's been absolutely broken and torn to pieces by everything that affected it and tried to love it but no more than by my own selflessness in trying to love everyone else.

Regrets; I have none for every break that came from someone else moulded my heart back to be an even bigger heart.

I am just a little careful now with whom I share it and why just like you will learn not everyone belongs there.

You can still give everyone the love they deserve without giving them a piece of your heart.

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Heart Of Gold by Trisha Rapley

Heart Of Gold...

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