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Hell-like Attachments by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

I'm not going to lie about it.

I have held onto things, people, decisions, the past, and things that were never meant for me my whole life.

Fear is the reason no doubt. But not knowing any better is the biggest reason. I never had someone to teach me there was any other way.

Not until now and do you know what helped me change? Love..... Not giving love but accepting/receiving love in more than one form.

Not the words "I love you!" But the small kind and patient acts of love. Friendships and a hell of a lot of perseverance from others.

My heart; that of the most stubborn nature, was cracked open slowly by some significant human beings who had the strength to endure my stubbornness, frustration, strong-willed and badly loved heart.

Now when I say it's in the past I mean it. Life is about many moments where you hold on and let go. It is a perfect combination of strength, courage, and patience.

Just a little reminder in case you forget.

"When a person walks away from you let them walk. Don't you dare try and talk another person into loving you, calling you, caring about you, or coming to see you? Let that attachment go. When people walk away from you "let them go" because your destiny is not tied to the person who left."

Yellow dandelions
Hell-like Attachments by Trisha Rapley

Hell-like Attachments...

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