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Her Openness by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

I speak very openly about my past and present circumstances but not too many people. It has nothing to do with the person or people in my life personally I am just very selective about who I open up to.

But if you find yourself on the receiving end of any conversation I am speaking about my past, my children, or/and my current struggles please know you mean more to me than you know. I will openly share some of my secrets with you if I am comfortable but if I feel safe enough to trust you I will tell you everything about me.

I mean "everything". The parts that I struggled to accept, the parts I find hard to speak about, and most of all the parts I can't stop crying about while telling you. If I believe and can see that we have or you will be in my future that is when I really open up.

I have spent many years opening up to people who only stayed around for the smallest amount of time and in all honesty, I feel as though going through all I did seemed at the time worth it but now I know I need to be very careful with who appreciates knowing the real me.

In a bond, I do believe in being very upfront about the things you think may have an impact on your other half later down the track. It is really best to let those kinds of things out before diving further into a commitment of any kind.

Openness "yes" to everyone "no". Not everyone needs to know everything about you and it is ok to keep some things private. I am not saying don't let people get to know you but be very selective about who you give yourself to.

Think of yourself, your time, and your stories as prized possessions. Not everyone comes in the first place. I truly believe you tell people what they need to know and nothing more. That goes for advice too. You can generally tell by a person's attitude whether they will appreciate you, your advice, or your experience.

Make sure you are open to people withholding information about themselves too. There are people out there like you and me. Being careful and needing to feel safe. As you get older you gain a huge sense of what I call "gut feelings" and you can really tell what a person's heart is like just by being around them for a short period of time.

Always ask yourself this question every time... "Is this a person I want in my future?" "Is the person really going to appreciate my advice?" "Does this person support my hopes and dreams?" "Does this person really need to know what I am about to tell them?"

By asking yourself these simple questions you will truly help yourself to make better, wiser decisions in allowing people into your world.

"Remember you are precious and your time is a privilege... So is your story!.....

The Lion and The Rainbow
Her Openness by Trisha Rapley

Her Openness...

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