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Holy Inspiration by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

Jesus loves us.

That means no matter our choices, our way of living, our family, our skin colour, our culture, our car, our home, our responsibilities, and whether we are rich or poor, He loves us!

So many people try to overcomplicate His love for us by trying to break it down when there’s no need to! His power, yes misunderstood, unattainable, and underestimated at times.

But His is a simple Man, He set out His Commandments and asked that we live a life of His value, not ours. He is Present throughout your life no matter the strength of your Faith.

He waits for those who aren’t for Him yet and strengthens those who stand with Him wholeheartedly. It’s our inability to know He is above all things that complicate things, our overthinking, our judgment, and our perception of How we think things should be, that have so many of us reaching for Him when He’s been standing beside us the entire time.

They say Love is blind. So many of us are praying for the Miracles only He can give yet we aren’t willing to do the work on ourselves, our faith, our sins, and our weaknesses to bring them forth. Jesus showers the miracles we pray for down upon us when we do the work, and when we live a life that is consumed by Him not by always trying to do what’s right by ourselves.

Don’t overcomplicate the Son Of Man, He died so that we could Grace this earth entirely and that is not only the greatest sacrifice but the most extraordinary gift to all of us. Love is sacrifice and we ought to be mindful of allowing ourselves to be present within His love in the times that sacrifice is necessary to stay on His path because that space is right there.

Miracles happen….

Be so full of His love for you so that if any extra comes your way it will fall from your heart into the world!

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Holy Inspiration by Trisha Rapley

Holy Inspiration...

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