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Humble Findings by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

I am feeling a little more humble today... I have a home, a bed, clothes, shoes, a car, food in the pantry, and a whole lot of love from my children...

It could be so much worse for us and believe me when I tell you it hasn't always been like that for me...

But I am thankful anyway. I look at it all as a reminder of how much you should appreciate what you have in this current moment.

Those shoes on your feet... Someone has none and has sores on their feet.

Those clothes on your back... Someone has been wearing theirs for 2 weeks straight.

Those meals you just cooked... Someone is lining up for help to receive less than half of what you eat.

That bed you lie in every night... Someone is curled up on a cardboard box on the ground.

That car you drive to work in... Someone doesn't even have a couple of bucks for a train ride.

That home you just bought... Someone dreams about owning that one day but knows they may not too...

And those children and family you just kissed good night... Someone never says a word to anyone but themselves.

Please no matter your situation remember someone out there will always be grateful, happier, and blessed knowing they have less than you have.

Be thankful you have been graced with the blessings you have received. Appreciate that while you worked hard to get where you are others are too but haven't been able to receive their blessings yet.

Stay humble always thanking God you are where you are!!!

The Lion and The Rainbow
Humble Findings by Trisha Rapley

Humble Findings...


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