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Humble Understandings by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

As I flicked and scrolled through the thousands of poetry and words I've written over the years I realised that social media when understood was the greatest tool and the greatest weapon against loneliness.

My poetry and the pages I created were created to touch people's lives or change something inside them so that enlightenment or growth could occur and deleting my pages because of my own mental struggles not only prevented me from expressing the much-needed release I needed to heal but also prevented anyone who needed me from reaching me.

It's silly to think about it now because I look at things with my eyes open rather than closed but at the time, my mind was sick, and there are definitely still very vulnerable moments where the darkness or my dragon creeps in but for the most part, I am ok now.

So, as I once again rebuild (for the last time) all my social media platforms to represent the very large amount of poetry quotes, writings, scribblings, and blog entries I get to read them all over again and I can say nothing will give you more enlightenment than when you read or watch your own journey from the beginning.

I admit there have been more tears than smiles - not because I am sad but because the woman who was writing the words at the time was very much alone and just wanted one person to be her person while understanding that she isn't hard to love at all when done with the right intentions.

I got a front-row seat I guess you could say to my own story and journey. How humble it has made me too... It's basically a manual on "How to Love and Understand Trish Rapley".

What a beautiful opportunity to not only see everything from another perspective but to appreciate the importance of growth and self-love. I know there is purpose in everything we do in life but by far this has to be the greatest of them all.

As frustrated as I was in the beginning when I deleted all social media platforms I am now so very humbled and incredibly blessed that this situation has occurred.

It's really nothing short of a miracle I am able to continue here in the spaces online blogging provides and social media allows. People can be sidelined on the bench of others' lives but still have the best view in the house walking with them through it all, thanks to the online cyber world.

I've always wanted to do what I could to help others and I now know the best way to do that is by helping myself so that they can see what is possible.

Bamboo by the water
Humble Understandings by Trisha Rapley

Humble Understandings...

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