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Joy Thieves by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

As a young girl, I ran around chasing everything that brought me joy, excitement, and happiness, and not an ounce of fear got in my way.

The innocence that came from the inexperience of knowing the real truth behind the world and the pain of life sometimes was simply beautiful.

And that’s all it has been, to be honest, the experiences and the pain that changed me as I grew older.

I stopped chasing those things I did as a child rather than focusing too much on what stole them instead.

The “joy thief” I call it. The devil or just the reality of life’s decisions and choices.

However, you look at it something in us changes as we grow and we see the world through adult eyes rather than children’s eyes but I think the trick is to connect with that small child we once were as often as we can.

To have fun in the moments we want to scream and laugh instead of crying. It’s the seriousness of responsibilities that has us more worried than happy and you’ll find while stealing the joy it reminds you what it costs to have instead of enjoying the blessing.

Life should be playful, fun, and full of spontaneous choices and decisions, not a well-directed play with dialogue that lacks the emotions that only joy can give.

Weed in the field with the sunset behind it
Joy Thieves by Trisha Rapley

Joy Thieves...

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