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Let Us Pray by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Tonight I ask you Jesus to hold our hearts and allow them to rest knowing you are there to guide them through the circumstances we are currently facing.

We ask for your guidance as the road ahead is unknown and the courage to stand up in front of everything that tries to pull us down.

We ask that you Lord place your light beneath our feet as we walk through the darkness and remove any fear from our hearts and minds only to replace it with your strength and love.

We ask that while seeking the answers and the truth to the many questions in our lives we all have the courage to ask you to help bring those truths to life.

Lord hold us close to the journey you need us to walk and the many lessons we have to learn in order to be closer to you.

And if I may ask that you use us, Lord, as your way to other people's hearts helping them find the way home to you no matter what you need to ask of us.

And one last thing God I ask that especially tonight as I close my eyes to sleep that your love be what I feel, see, and breathe into tomorrow.

In Jesus's name..... AMEN.

Let Us Pray by Trisha Rapley

Let Us Pray...


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