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Lion's Gate by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

I can hear the noise coming from my heart with each and every break.

I pray you don't swim away from the boat, all of you!

There is and always will be a better life for you if you want it.

The way things are now isn't always what was meant to be, there's more.

Out there far beyond everything you've ever dreamed. In a place reserved for you by God. A place he knows you belong.

It is a place you'll feel at home, at peace and nothing will ever take you away again.

It's the place your heart deserves to be.

Comforted in grace and blessed with humbled joy; while smiling into the sunset every day.

Please don't swim away. There's plenty of room for you, for me, and for all of you who need to be here in the place, I fight for you to be.

Lion's Gate.

Sunrise mountains
Lion's Gate by Trisha Rapley

Lion's Gate...

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