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Live It, Love It, Be It by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 15

I absolutely love where I am at in life currently and every day I amaze myself.

It is hard to grasp at times how strong I've really become. I really can't express how my ability to overcome some tough situations and circumstances has changed things for me.

A situation or circumstance that once crushed and defeated me before is merely a tiny bump in the road now.

I have incredible strengths within me now that enable me to deal with everyday challenges with an open mind and an overwhelming sense of calm.

It is so refreshing to see such a strong-minded and strong-willed person each time I look at myself in the mirror.

I want to add that it hasn't come without great defeat. I think that's the difference in each of our growth. I believe I have grown so much more due to the constant battles I have faced both internally and externally.

Each molded me perfectly into the person I am right now. Without every single challenge, these words wouldn't be shared.

"Remarkable" doesn't seem to justify it. Sometimes it is the repeated challenges we face and overcome that are the constant reminder of how much things have changed.

Their presence is not only a reassurance that we have moved past what once made us crumble but a reminder that we are a continuous ever-changing moment wrapped up in successful achievements.

The process that is living is just one huge remarkable achievement! The prize is that of a full one!

Take every defeat in your strides building a path to a destination you can be proud of!!

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Live It, Love It, Be It by Trisha Rapley

Live It, Love It, Be It...

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