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Loving Her The Right Way by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

Speak in honesty and be passionate about the things you love about her. Tell her how you feel or how much you need her.

There is no need to worry about who hears it or what they have to say. If she is in your world always tell her and never let her forget it.

Often when those precious little words.

"I miss you" or "I've missed you" or "Miss you" "I love you" or "I'm falling for you" or "Love you" "I appreciate you" or "You mean the world to me." "You are beautiful" or "I am glad you're mine."

Are not said and I promise you'll miss a great opportunity to watch and feel the response she gives to you and believe me it will fill your heart with happiness no one else knows about.

By lifting her up she'll lift you up. She will give you the confidence to see there is no shame in being in love and no fear in hiding it either.

Her success will become your success and your success will become hers. You'll grow equally but not always at the same rate when you support each other and that's what we call love.

Both from inspiring each other's beliefs and helping build each other's dreams your love will always reach new heights. It doesn't matter what is going on in the world around you only what is going on in your own little world.

It is important to remember to cheer each other on through the bad and the good days. To be each other's number one supporter.

"Never let her feel the burden of failure or any disappointment from you."

Even in her failures, you should be there inspiring her to try harder next time.

"Loving her isn't just about what you can give her but how you can make her feel."

Sometimes that comes in the form of words and other times it will be in actions. If you listen to your heart you will always know the right time to do everything. It will know the moments you'll need to hold her and the moments you need to say "I love you, smack her on the arse and tell her to get on with it.".

Over time as your love changes and grows her actions will prompt you on how to react to a situation. It will be a natural force to love her or protect her. To guide her or let her be free...

Be open-minded to the possibility you'll make mistakes and sometimes just have no clue. It will be love that will pull you through every time.

The Lion and The Rainbow
Loving Her The Right Way by Trisha Rapley

Loving Her The Right Way...

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