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Mastering Self Control by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

It's never easy getting back up off the ground once you've been knocked on your arse by life but that's exactly what I did today I got the hell back up.

Without complaints or arguments, I just got my arse back up because that's exactly what I do and how I handle our shit. It wasn't easy putting my heart and emotions back inside me, that's for sure but I did it before anything was said or heard by anyone or me.

The most important part of the whole situation was remembering self-control was and is the key to remaining loyal to who I am and what I stand for.

Your emotions will have you tearing shreds off someone in such an uncontrolled way it will be more like a raging destructive behaviour than an explanation of why you're hurting.

They will overpower every movement your body makes, every thought running through your mind, and the anger that builds up inside you will scare the living hell out of you and that's where things got dangerous.

You MUST control yourself every time, don't ever allow your emotions to be the thing that drives your decisions or the words that fall from your mouth. I can promise you it will destroy you every time. Not only you but bonds, friendships, relationships, trust, respect, and loyalty will be destroyed in the process.

And there will be more regret in those couple of minutes of conversation than you have space to hold. Breathe, close your eyes, focus on something still, go for a walk leave the conversation, leave the room, leave the situation and come back to it when you're in a better headspace and your heart is not racing.

I can't stress enough that never, ever start a conversation off while your heart is beating out of your chest, people will get hurt, things will be said that you can't take back, and you'll become someone you're not.

That pulsating feeling in your chest is a warning sign of danger please never let it decide where things begin and end because words have the power to build someone up but also the power to tear someone down.

Control yourself and stay calm, all you need to say will come to you once your heart slows down.

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Mastering Self Control by Trisha Rapley

Mastering Self Control...

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