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Needs & Wants by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

Today I have felt the pinch more than any other day before of not feeling needed or wanted. To have someone care about you just as much as you care about them and to feel loved......

I have forgotten how it can make you feel to receive a random "How was your day?" or "I was thinking about you today!" or "I missed you!" I can't remember the last time I heard that or read it from someone without me first saying it. Even then it doesn't happen as often as it should or I deserve to hear it....

It is so different when you know someone genuinely cares about you and you can tell by the way are with you. They really need to know you are ok, how your day was, and tell you all the things that are in their heart.

I have a yearning in my soul today for this... It brought tears to my eyes just now as I sat drinking my cuppa in the silence of my home. I had a moment and as I am writing the tears are just falling. I really wish I had someone who asked if I was ok just for no reason except that they care.

It opens up a line of communication where I can speak about my day and the things inside my mind instead of talking to myself about it all. I spend an insane amount of time talking to myself about the things I wish I had someone to share them with.

The little things about my family; my children most of all. There is so much of what goes on with them that brings great joy into my heart but when you have no one to share them with the joy is very short-lived.

"We continue to relive joyful moments when we can share them with others!"

I truly love sharing things with the people that mean the world to me and I find when I can't it nearly almost breaks my heart. It is the only way I can explain it.

Today I wish I had someone who loved me just as much as I do them, that thought about me as much as I think about them, and who made an effort as much as I do. Someone who merely just needs to know everything that goes on in my mind and wants to be sure I don't have the emptiness I have inside my chest right now.

Right now I don't just want to give love, I want to feel loved...... To mean everything to someone without needing to ask them to be there or give them a cause to be asked... "How are you?"

The Lion and The Rainbow
Needs & Wants by Trisha Rapley

Needs & Wants...

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