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Not All Women Are The Same by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

Sometimes God sends you a woman like me to prove that not all women are the same.

We come to teach you how to love yourself and while we might leave you for ourselves you’ll always be better off for it.

We were created with simplicity, bravery, confidence, and a holiness that is rarely seen after so many trials.

We’ve amerced ourselves in the healing power of Jesus Christ never forgetting where we came from.

And we refuse to submit to any man who isn’t a man of holiness and greatness in the Lord’s eyes.

We will set aside the time you require to heal into the man we truly believe you can be while working on ourselves and doing the Lord’s work.

We are rare, and once we’ve touched your life nothing for you will ever be the same!

This we cannot and will not apologise for but we will pray for you through it all.

Be assured that whatever the journey for you is whether with Jesus or working your way back to him we hold hope that Jesus brings you back to us.

Whole, strong, and complete in the existence of Jesus Christ, you need to believe we see something in you worth fighting for and praying for.

No matter the choices in the process we will always be here waiting to love you, wholeheartedly and forever.

Praise the women who exist in beauty and love they surely are the greatest gift from God and for the good men of this world.

Not All Women Are The Same by Trisha Rapley

Not All Women Are The Same...

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