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Passing Judgment by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

I'm not here to pass judgment nor condemn you for being who you are.

And I never expect the same from anyone else, I just continue cheering, inspiring, and motivating people because those intentions are those of the Lord.

I understand better than anyone else and my words aren't always what others need or want to read or hear.

But nonetheless, I continue despite that.

Not out of arrogance or spite but because Jesus needs me too.

Apologise I won't, not for being me or doing what I feel is right at the time.

This place is for the brave, the misunderstood, the hopeful, the lost, the ones who never give up, and those who have.

But most importantly those who seek the power and love of Jesus Christ.

You have a choice to be here and a choice to support me but if you can't for whatever reason know while you were here I appreciated you and I am so glad the Lord allowed you to stop by.

But discontinue I can't not now and not ever.

The Lord forgives me for everything wrongdoing and the words I've spoken no one else's forgiveness is required.

A dozen Red roses
Passing Judgment by Trisha Rapley

Passing Judgment...

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