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Passion Driven by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 15

Passion isn't always the things we are currently doing or partaking in but the things we can't stop thinking about.

It could be something as small as taking a holiday or something as big as buying that dream home.

The thing about passion is it feels like there is a fire within your heart and soul. You can't stop thinking about it even if you think it may be out of reach.

Passion is a driving force that brings dreams, thoughts, and ideas to life. It is the steps between every decision you make that get you closer to the end.

You can want something, need something, or care for something but without the fire in your heart and soul (passion) they remain simply that, just something.

When we really have a strong desire to have those things we never settle no matter what that means. We continue despite what goes against us and stay focused on the end goal.

Sure there will be things that will try to get in our way but passion always makes way for the things we need and want the most.

That's what will get you there in the end.

A dream... Hard work... Time... And a hell of a lot of "Passion"...

Listen to your heart and what it talks about! Find a quiet place to sit and listen.

Because that is where you are meant to be...

Doing whatever your heart is set on doing...

Follow your heart no matter where it goes...

It is the adventure we need before living the dream.

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Passion Driven by Trisha Rapley

Passion Driven...

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