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Personality Rocks by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

I think the greatest part of my personality is my open mind. It would be very hard to share something with me that would ever shock me. I have some seriously deep secrets, deep desires, and things I have done or would do.

Maybe that contributes to it I am not sure but I like it when you genuinely care about a person's friendship/relationship you really just put all things aside. I have heard things that people have shared that would turn a lover off and definitely stop someone else from continuing a friendship.

Not the kind of secrets like "They stole their mum's shoes" or "Went down the hill in their underpants!" I mean the kind of shit that changes you, the stuff you never come back the same from. I barely bat an eyelid at things these days.

"You robbed a bank?"

"You took a shit on the Parliament House lawn?"

"You wear ladies' underpants?"

"Your boyfriend dresses like a cat?"

So they may be illegal, probably in your mind seriously messed up, but shit who I am to judge. I used to eat cat biscuits as a kid and it may be a possibility I meow from time to time. But hell who cares! Look all I am saying is being super open is such an amazing thing to be. Not only is it about listening to people but maybe you could learn a thing or two...

I think when you personally have overcome some of the scariest life-changing events it really puts things into perspective. I really have never been the judgemental kind either. I have been on the receiving end of people judging me so, I always keep in mind how I felt when it was happening to me.

So if you need to know who you can talk to for advice or just get something off your chest I am the person you can do that with. Although I don't have all the answers I have massive shoulders and a world of time to listen. I think it is important to have someone like this in your life.

Someone, you can let your guard down with and just be yourself. I mean really isn't that what we are all searching for?

The Lion and The Rainbow
Personality Rocks by Trisha Rapley

Personality Rocks...

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