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Prayers by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

"Forgive me for I have sinned." The strongest and most powerful sentence I have grasped and spoken in my life and throughout my life. "Please forgive me for all that I didn't know and for all I choose not to accept!"

There are so many key elements to living a soulful life; a free life and forgiveness are one of them. It may come as a surprise but your idea of forgiveness is definitely not going to be mine. Individually we all live on different levels of the heart and frequencies.

Your level of pain is not mine although they are recognized as being in the same state of conception because we are two different people we have factors that have guided and educated us into the person we are.

What I would forgive easily may not be as easy for you to forgive. But in the end, it isn't how we forgive or how much time it takes only that we forgive. Especially when it comes to our loved ones. I know there are circumstances that force unimaginable pain within us and forgiveness can never be given.

It's in those moments I turn to God. To give me the strength I need to move forward while processing what has caused so much damage. I have found myself many times speaking things out loud almost as if it was what I needed to hear someone say to me.

"And it hurts so much right now but I know as time passes I promise you the forgiveness that I know you don't deserve but I deserve. Because holding onto what has happened will only cause me more pain than what it is worth to hold on to."

I strongly agree to forgive everyone and everything that has threatened, painfully destroyed, and brought you to your knees and the reason is what I just wrote.

The burden that we carry is far too heavy when we don't forgive people for not knowing any better.

It gives us an opportunity to close doors, books, and chapters and move forward in life without carrying the responsibilities and actions of others.

It is okay if you can't forgive people straight away no one should ever diminish the pain and experience you are going through by trying to rush you.

You will need time but I hope that there comes a day when you can be strong enough to say "This serves no purpose to me or my life and I refuse to give it any more power over me."

No matter how big or small the wound forgiveness is the key. We ourselves have at some point caused a wound that we have needed forgiveness for and not everything we do to other people is because we want to or aim to hurt them sometimes is just a complete misunderstanding.

It is with an open heart lives are changed. An openness that allows us to forgive without any justification only the understanding that we are in fact all human and we make mistakes. In forgiving someone we also take responsibility for our actions right or wrong and that alone has the capability to heal the deepest wounds.

"I am sorry, please forgive me!" Words have power if used correctly and when applied with actions it can move mountains made of stone. When you speak forgiveness and accept that your actions may have hurt the ones you love not only do you get forgiveness you give it to yourself too.

"Forgive often both others and yourself; for a free heart is never caged by the actions and words of others."

Sun and plants
Prayers by Trisha Rapley


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