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Puzzle Pieces by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 15

There are places and spaces in my heart, my life, and my thoughts that will never be filled without someone in my life.

It is the truth that we need to love ourselves completely but it is also true that we require the love of others too. Don't get so caught up in all you need is yourself.

You need love just as much as you need love. We are a source of creation that was and is created by an act of love. Our human form beacons to be in a life of love it sustains the growth process of a human's soul and a soul without love both given and received is that of a sad soul.

No matter what you do in life or how successful you become there will ALWAYS be places and spaces in you that cannot or will not be filled without the love from another.

Each person we love and meet plays a virtual role in our lives. Some a lesson and others teacher but they are needed. Some stay and some go but don't be in the mindset that you don't need anyone to be whole.

Please don't tell yourself "I don't need anybody or anyone! We all need someone who can complete the final piece of our puzzle no matter how much you love yourself".

The Lion & The Rainbow
Puzzle Pieces by Trisha Rapley

Puzzle Pieces...

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