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Reminiscing Moments by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

"Do you remember the last time someone betrayed your trust?"

That sinking feeling of betrayal you felt in your heart and the part of your soul that questioned "How could they ever do this to me?"

I do and it hurts so much and I guess that is why I never make anyone ever feel like that.

If I ask one thing of you may you never break my heart in such a way that I may never recover.

I think that is the thing when someone breaks your trust you are never the same person again. Sure you'll heal and the wounds will go away but deep down under the scar, there is a painful reminder that not everyone you love will treat you the way you deserve.

Lessons are such a valuable part of our life and our growth. They enable us to make the correct decisions as we go through life.

And as painful as they were when they occur we just have to be so appreciative of them for helping us bring people's true intentions to light.

Without the lessons, the pain, the betrayal, and the hard times we would be living a life less than we deserve.

There is a purpose to the things that bring growth, be thankful for them, find the best things in them and learn from them.

Take the pain of the betrayal you felt by that person or people and create strength.

Believe me, your future self will thank you for it because there will always be more people, more lessons, and more opportunities to use whatever tools you have acquired through your journey to becoming a better person for yourself and the others you choose to keep in your life.

Grow through the pain others put you through but never settle once the wound has healed.

Tree and sunlight
Reminiscing Moments by Trisha Rapley

Reminiscing Moments...

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