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Ride Of Your Life by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

You know what? This shit gets scary sometimes.

You know the parts of life no one actually wants to talk about.

The parts where you have no idea what to do next. Do you let go? Hang on? Give it one more shot. Do you move on to the next best thing?

I know for one I haven't always known what the right thing to do was and most of the time I just close my eyes and pray for the best.

It will either work out or it won't. Is it still scary? Of course, it is. Life can be absolutely terrifying for us all.

But you still have to get up every day and do the best you can regardless of whether it turns out or not.

I at times think about life like a roller-coaster. You get super excited at times, brace the corners that come around fast, hold on tight in moments you have to and let go while laughing, close your eyes on the scary parts, but always come back for a second ride.

We never know what tomorrow holds but we just have to embrace it and accept it for what it is at times.

I like to think the possibilities are endless but I know and accept at times I am limited by certain obstacles that are placed in front of me.

And that's OK... God just needs me to work a little harder that day.

So while you're on your path today, tomorrow, and the many days to come.


Hold on. Let go. Laugh. Embrace. Smile. Believe. And pray.

All the rest? Well, I guess you'll just have to wait and see.

Flowers in a field with the sun setting
Ride Of Your Life by Trisha Rapley

Ride Of Your Life...

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