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Simple Things by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

There are so many things in life that make me happy but the most important ones will be the things that come unexpectedly. The unplanned moments, the surprises, and the things I never see coming.

I love flowers, dinners, adventures, and, beautiful things. But I also love just spending time doing nothing.. laying around in pyjamas all day watching TV, I love going for long drives to nowhere and just parking up and having a nice quiet night in for dinner too.

I have never lived an extraordinary life of travel, holidays, and gifts. This is a life I have never known. It would be so amazing to experience those kinds of things but it isn't what matters most.

If given the opportunity of course I would take it. I think we all would but am I looking for this exact thing in life and love? The answer is "no".

I am happy to live a simple life but accepting of living an extraordinary life too. Throughout life, I have remained grateful for what I have known very well someone is out there with less than I have and is happy.

I hope to one day have the experiences and adventures that I hold in my heart but if they never eventuate I will be happy anyway.

To me, it is more about the memories you make not where they are made. You'll never forget the feeling they gave you or how much happiness you had at the time.

And when my life ends I want to remember how it felt not where I was. You can be in the most perfect place and feel nothing because you are alone.

Memories for me are and always be the greatest reason for any decision I make. For me personally, it is in the shared memories I feel the most and remember the most. Not in the ones done on my own.

So being happy with the little things is so important. More important than all the big things put together. So yes to being spoiled but not with money but with time.

The Lion and The Rainbow
Simple Things by Trisha Rapley

Simple Things...

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