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Sweet As Honey by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

What if I told you you didn't need to chase anything or anyone in life?

What if I told you everything you ever wanted or needed would always find its way to you?

Don't chase people or things, life has a flow to it everything that comes is meant to come and go one way or another.

Never chase, attract what your heart desires. It's about balance, energy, and the law of attraction. You can't beg, force, or manipulate the laws of gravity nor can your life!

Stand in your energy and be the force of light others desire and need rather than forcing your light onto others. We are naturally drawn to positive vibrations and their warmth.

Ever heard about being the honey? Bees are always attracted to creating great things like honey, it is the reason they live and create.

Be the honey in life, be the light, and everyone and everything that needs you will find you.

Stand still in your own presence and know that you are everything the right people need.

Sweet As Honey by Trisha Rapley

Sweet As Honey...

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