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The Enormity Left Behind by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

There are pages, books, quotes, scribblings, stories, and this blog; full of him.

We all have one right? That one person who comes into our lives and changes everything.

They bring a light, a flame, an energy that shifts us into the spiral of healing and awakening.

And as I read the hundreds of blog entries here - while editing them I realised the enormity of my love for him from the very beginning.

At times it made no sense both on paper and computer screens or in my heart or mind. It still doesn't either which is the funny thing after such a long time it's still there.

But it's different now I guess the acceptance along the way has changed the way it sits in my heart and the understanding that has come over time too. I have to remind myself about the blessings that came from the meeting of our souls rather than what didn't happen.

Of course, I still pray in the hope things might change for us but sometimes you just have to believe it's for the best - the outcome, I mean while knowing the importance of Jesus in all of this.

I guess it's important to have moments where smiles form with some tears too.

I guess that's how we know we cared, loved, and were brave enough to fall again when you never thought we could again.

It's beautiful to reminisce on the parts of life that sculpted the person we are today while remembering it's okay if things didn't work out at the time because Jesus has something far greater in stall for us.

Trust the process even when it feels like a loss because there are far more beautiful things in the future that Jesus has planned for us all.

It may not be what or who you'd hoped or prayed for but know that it's ok. Great things come from the sacrifices you make to gain them.

Keep your chin up, keep smiling, shine on, and remember someone out there is praying for a heart just like yours!

Rainbow roses
The Enormity Left Behind by Trisha Rapley

The Enormity Left Behind...

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