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The Lion & The Rainbow Tales by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

And not all the time but sometimes people come into our lives not so we can love and take care of them, they come into our lives to remind us our hearts and what we do is worth loving too.

It's ok if your heart got broken trying to mend someone else's while supporting their dreams but what is not ok is how they left your pieces lying on the floor for the world to see.

It's ok if you need to put your walls up until all your pieces are in the right places again and it's ok to shut the world out so you can heal.

I'll be right here waiting until you feel whole again and I promise this time will be different because being strong is what makes you different and there's a whole lot of strength behind the eyes of a person who continues to have the courage to love again after every heartbreak.

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The Lion & The Rainbow Tales by Trisha Rapley

The Lion & The Rainbow Tales...

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