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The Naked Truth by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

Unless you are half naked or even completely naked, dancing around showing your body and soul sexually while placing more importance on the number of people following, commenting, or watching your social media content the loyalty you have to marriage, a relationship, or connection is disregarded.

You may think it's attractive, possibly sexy but I have to ask are you full when you lay there alone after all the comments are read and the likes don't comfort you as a human can.

The opposite sex doesn't find your promiscuity attractive they find the accessibility to the content you share worth the risk because they have a need to satisfy, an itch, and your lack of self-worth and boundaries provides a place they can use you without touching you or connecting with you.

Gone are the days when your heart and soul are looked at as beautiful rather than how willing you are to take your clothes off while giving the most private and treasured parts of yourself to anyone who shows us even the smallest amount of attention.

People are praised for their ability to create sexual desires in the opposite sex, infidelity, and for providing comfort to strangers they care nothing about over a good, honest, loyal, old-school person who shows morals and reliability.

Being a good woman these days gets you nowhere when the men of this world are looking for the quick fix, the easy no-connection route, and the way they can have their cake and eat it too.

The same goes for the good men of this world overseen because their wallet isn't what women want or the car they drive isn't up to the million-dollar status they are driven to find.

We have become replaceable by sexual desire and temporary standards that can't withstand long jeopardy because it's not a social media platform.

Men more so than women without picture-perfect looks don't ever stand a chance because in our minds we believe the way we are perceived by outsiders and onlookers is of higher importance than what lies within their hearts.

If ever there has been a more important time to pray I do believe it is now. For those of us who believe that having only the best in life puts us at a higher advantage over someone who has a good heart or dressing half naked to grab the attention of thousands of people is more important than being a wholesome human while attaining the truest of love and admiration from one person they want to spend their life loving.

I speak this in the most sincere way when your heart and soul are appreciated for what they can bring to another person's existence over what your appearance or sexual attraction provides to someone else's pride or the social media account you have the greatest gift - love.

Love will never be found in how many times you view the accounts of the person you want in your life or the comments you make it will be found when you become so involved in being present in their life when they are hidden from the parts of life that make them real.

For those of you out there who find comfort in the comments, praise, and appreciation of the opposite sex while barring not your heart and soul but the parts of your body that should only be shared with those who truly love every part of you I'll pray.

I've been in that place of loneliness and attachment, It's a sad and hopeless place, and anyone who says they are happy there is truly being dishonest.

Your beauty lies within the parts of yourself that are not visible to everyone. Like your heart.

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The Naked Truth by Trisha Rapley

The Naked Truth...

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