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The Power Of Words by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

There are bound to be indifference, arguments, questionable truths, and differences in feelings...

But that's the thing about a solid relationship or friendship. You love them for having different feelings from yours.

They like you are entitled to them, their opinions and voicing them.

I can assure you the strongest bonds go through some of the toughest battles together.

Just be mindful of how you speak to one another and the choice of words you use. Once a spoken word leaves your lips it cannot be taken back.

Words can have a massive impact on whether a friendship is worth the pain you cause with them.

I'm not saying stop being friends or partners over one argument or some small words. What I am saying is to be understanding that in the heat of a moment of hurt, we can all say things we don't mean.

At the end of the day, we are all human, learning and evolving on a daily basis and the is room for error.

We accept that equally in all disagreements we have an accountability and responsibility to uphold our part of respectfully used words.

And if by chance something slips just apologize. Your apologies will be appreciated and accepted by the ones who know where your heart lies in every circumstance.

Please for the love of each other don't do it again. Because when behaviour is repeated it is no longer a mistake it is a choice and I swear the person who is on the receiving end will soon figure that out.

Choose your words wisely and never let your emotions control a situation you know you are a better person than.

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The Power Of Words by Trisha Rapley

The Power Of Words...

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