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Time Apart by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 17

More days have passed than I am willing to count and I know love will never be measured by the number of times we talk or see each other but I do wonder when the next time will be.

I've found I have a large spot in my life where you used to be and the laughter in my life from the messages we used to send is what I miss the most.

The tummy cramping when I just couldn't stop laughing and the way my eyes filled with happy tears just hearing from you.

I never knew the absence of someone I loved so much could have such an impact it is felt every day.

I've never felt such a longing that my every thought is about you.

I find myself at times saying your name out loud just to remind myself you were real and everything I feel remains the same.

See that's the thing about distance you are either drawn closer by the love you feel for a person in your heart or pulled away by your mind.

It's a battle within itself to stay true to the things you feel rather than the things you think.

My heart knows love because you are in it and as long as my heart calls your name I will continue to love you no matter the distance between our bodies. It is you that I love and it's you that is in my heart.

I hope you'll message me soon or even call. Some things in life are unforgettable and the way you make me feel is only one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.

I hope that I always feel this way with you by my side.

A bouquet of flowers on a picnic blanket
Time Apart by Trisha Rapley

Time Apart...

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