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Warrior Strengthened by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 21

I admire the courage you show when there is nothing but fear in your eyes.

The way you continue despite the amount of chaos that enters your life.

And how you are bearing every single scar that was given to you and wearing it as you should.

Unapologetically, uncovered, and for everyone to see.

Your entire being screams strength and capability. I fear the things and people that doubt you. I know too well how things will end for them.

And a life without you is one I never want to know. You complete people just by being a part of their lives.

I often wonder how much longer it might take until you have the piece you ever so need to complete your life as you have completed theirs.

Tonight I will pray not for myself but for you. That everything you've given and all the love you have shared return tenfold to you and never leave your heart again.

Such a beautiful soul like yours should be loved and cared for more than not and I'm sorry that you're still doing everything on your own.

Colourful sunset
Warrior Strengthened by Trisha Rapley

Warrior Strengthened...

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