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Wisdom by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 9

I've always said, "I look forward to being the older version of myself."

The older, wiser, and more experienced version of myself. Watching my great-grandchildren & grandchildren running around laughing and smiling.

With my best friend, lover, and husband by my side. I still feel that way. I look forward to the days when things aren't so rushed and I can just enjoy the process of experiences rather than rushing to get through it.

Where time is measured in the number of days you continue to wake up rather than by a clock and the love you receive is from a partner who has been there from the start.

It may not be that we can age gracefully but nonetheless, we will age, and as the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months I hope it is you that sits beside me through them.

Sharing those laughs and the excitement of being in the family we have always wanted. Experiencing the highs and lows of life and the banter of each other's remarks.

And as our hairs grow grey and our skin changes frequently I want you to always remember loving you will always be the best part.

Spending my life with you is what I hope they all talk about in the end. The years that we will share be a reminder to every last one of our family that marriage is the important part.

I hope that they see through the arguments just as we will, work hard through the tough times, and spend whatever time they can make memories just like we will.

I see you and me... We, together in the future... Growing old and being a constant reminder to everyone who enters our lives that "True love is real."

The Lion and The Rainbow
Wisdom by Trisha Rapley


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