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Writer's Block by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

You never think you'll run out of things to say as a writer but it happens more often than not.

You find no inspiration in the things that once served a considerable purpose in pulling out every word of your heart giving them life.

Usually, I would feel a sense of panic when this occurs but somehow this time things are so different, there's no panic, no emptiness, and no worry whatsoever and I have to say it's blissfully peaceful.

I love to write but I do believe for me right now it's not necessary. Am I healed? Or is this just a faze?

I honestly couldn't tell you but right now my mind has a peace it has never felt before, and I definitely believe somehow God must be given the credit.

Through all the things faith has brought to my life peace is the most powerful of them. I find the more I succumb to the ways of Jesus the better I feel. By that, I mean living a life filled with His intent and his words - reading the bible, listening to music that is about Him - Gosphel, and speaking His name as often as I can.

Church is undoubtedly changing me too. The music, the words spoken, the atmosphere, and just being surrounded by people who love Jesus is having an incredibly beautiful impact on my mindset and my heart while clearly the heaviness in my mind.

It's refreshing, to say the least, and I can't get enough. I've woken up some mornings with lyrics from my favourite Hillsong songs instead of the chatter of my worried mind or from the bad dreams I had the night before.

It's intoxicating and addictive in the most positive way and I can't believe how much of a better person I've become from it all. I will never understand how I graced this earth for as long as I have without it all, to be honest.

I guess that's why the writing has stopped for me. I am full of things that aren't surrounded by burdens, pain, heartbreak, or emptiness but instead filled with hope, promises, joy, and peace.

And it all makes sense now. All things happen through Jesus, not people. I know that seems hard to grasp but understand people's actions are the result of Jesus' love for us. Jesus works through them to help others and what we see in a person who helps us is in fact, Jesus.

It's funny you know it's impossible to see until you believe. That's what stands between people and Jesus, the belief that he is everything he's been made out to be in the recollection of people's encounters with him through history and the bible.

But once you have an understanding along with the blessings and miracles in life it will all make sense.

Cherry blossom and sunshine
Writer's Block by Trisha Rapley

Writer's Block...


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