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Trisha Rapley

My Story

I've been writing my whole life but over the years I hid who I was, afraid I might be too much for people. My love was always misunderstood and taken for granted until one day someone walked into my life and ignited a spark that will never be put out. Call it fate, destiny, or divine connection... I call it "Jesus".

I write to feel, heal, process, and inspire. If you find yourself here I hope you know I'll pray for you and through reading my words I'll pray it helps you to heal from everything that made you hide too...

"Changing the world, one person, at a time!"

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My Books
The Lion & The Rainbow poetry book by Trisha Rapley

The Lion & The Rainbow

Inspired Lights

Wildlings Love poetry book by Trisha Rapley

Wildlings Love

Roaring Lion (1).png

Roaring Lion Prayers

Still Notes poetry book by Trisha Rapley

Still Notes

Revered Dreams poetry book by Trisha Rapley

Revered Dreams

Chaotic Heart poetry book by Trisha Rapley

Chaotic Heart

Raising Grace poetry book by Trisha Rapley

Raising Grace


Poetic Ache

Angel Rising Cover (1).png

Angel Rising

Hopeful Seas 1.jpg

Hopeful Seas


Last Words

The Holy Revival.jpg

The Holy Revival

My books
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My Poetry
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