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Us by Trisha Rapley...

Updated: Oct 15

What I need you to remember is how much you are loved.

For everything you are becoming, everything you were, and everything you are.

It's unmeasurable to try and explain to you what having you in my life means to me.

I will never be able to explain just how much of an impact you've had on me and every decision I have made.

I know that no matter what we face so long as we are together we will overcome it.

There will always be moments when I feel like I am in a dream because you are so perfect to me.

Everything and anything I have prayed for has come in the form of you.

I know at times things have been hard and we haven't always seen the same way but I know no matter what we have to overcome we can do it.

I believe in us.

Flowers - Pink, white, and dark pink in a vase of water
Us by Trisha Rapley


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